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Black Belt Club - Kids & Teens Martial Arts

“I can’t believe the difference.” Our amazing Kids & Teens Martial Arts program is offering Classes in Burwood! Boosts your teen’s focus, respect, confidence, and social skills… while they have FUN.

Rewarding Hard Work.

We invite children who excel in the Junior Grapplers program to join the Black Belt Club. This is our most advanced youth Jiu-Jitsu program and joining the Black Belt club is the highest honor for any youth Jiu Jitsu practitioner.

Preschool Martial Arts Classes in Burwood
teens martial arts classes

Building Skills in ALL Aspects of Life.

Kids in this program possess all the traits necessary for success on the path to black belt: discipline, respect, courage, leadership, loyalty and compassion.

Keeping Kids Engaged.

In Black Belt club we introduce students to new techniques and rolling to keep them engaged once they are confident in the Junior Grapplers techniques. This helps keeps our youth  students passionate about jiu jitsu until they are old enough to join our adult program.

Preschool Martial Arts Classes in Burwood

"Absolutely love the idea of a child being able to defend themselves properly."

"Thank you Robbie for making it so enjoyable and educational for the kids.. Great stuff."

"Robbie is an awesome instructor and create a great environment for both adult and kid classes."

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about our Teen Martial Arts Program

Once your child has gotten their White-Yellow belt in the Junior Grapplers program they are invited to come join Black Belt club. 
If you have any questions about your child’s eligibility please come have a chat to one of our helpful instructors or reception staff.

Black Belt Club runs just like Junior Combatives does so the only extra thing your child needs to bring is a MOUTH GUARD. 

You can pick one up at your local pharmacy if you don’t have one already.